Table Of Contents

Introduction : Overview of the goals of the McLaren Synth Kit and its group of Frameworks.

GNUstep and VSCode : How to great a GNUStep environment on your Linux computer. Also, a "how-to" about using VSCode with Objective-C on Linux for a nice development environment.

Alsa Sound Kit - MIDI : An introduction to the MIDI event and route handling capabilities provided by the Alsa Sound Kit.

Alsa Sound Kit - PCM : An introduction to the PCM (audio device) handling provided by the Alsa Sound Kit.

McLaren Synth Kit - Overview : An explanation of the features of the McLaren Synth Kit. It introduces the MSKContext which abstracts an audio device, and the powerful audio operators that help in constructing sounds.

McLaren MIDI Kit - RTP-MIDI : The McLaren MIDI Kit provides a mission-hardened implementation of the RTP-MIDI protocol as an engine that can be embedded in your ObjC applications.

Conclusion : Some concluding remarks about the McLaren Synth Kit.